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Title: That Girl with the Green Hair

Size: 36x36"

oil on canvas


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Somthing beneath the skin
Even her hair and eyes show it
The makeup and look on her face
Well hidden but on display

                                             Poem by Max Wisdom


    That Girl with the Green Hair was one of my first paintings based off of a self-portrait of Ariana Jordan. Originally, I had found this portrait off of a website and I didn’t know who the photographer was but years later I found the same portrait again with her contact information. Nervous, I emailed Ariana letting her know that I painted her photograph and I hoped that she wouldn’t take it the wrong way. Luckily, she loved the painting and her and I have stayed in contact since.

     I chose to paint this photograph because of Ariana’s green hair combined with her green eyes. Her fingertips were colored green as well, as if she had just finished dying her hair and that little bit of story captivated me when looking at the image. The colors help the viewer’s path of vision move in a circle around the square canvas, as they eventually become fixated on Ariana’s gaze becoming the focal point of the work. Originally, I didn’t know the name of the girl in the photo and would call it the painting That Girl with the Green Hair, which wound up becoming the title of the work. 

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