Title: Incomplete Thoughts

Size: 36x36"

oil on canvas


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If tomorrow you wake with an urge to feel something beautiful, know that I've changed you.I envy every space between these one thousand eight hundred miles that stop us from sharing the moon as one and bearing the highest point of the sun on a bench in central park, just us.

Only 24 hours with you and I became aware of the world and its tenderness.
In the euphoric bond between our ignorance of the vast complexity of our own communication, I drowned in the corners of your eyelids. 

Now that it's over,
I miss you in incomplete thoughts.
They consume my mind half spoken through the night and leave just before anything makes sense.

I'm left alone asking the space before the sun arrives what this all meant, as it circles within the fleeting grey darkness.

You were once briefly beside me to protect me from my own impaired balance but all I have now is your memory to try to hold onto, which is so pale in comparison.

I still talk to you every day and think of things to make you laugh while I long for the sound of your genuine smile and the feel of your arms tethering me tight through the early morning, but that last one never arrives.

I just mutter words as they drain my consciousness and attempt to scratch them down on cluttered pages to make some sort of sense of them.
But it's so hard without you next to me, it's so hard, it's so hard trapped inside my noisy brain.
And my mind is too perplexed to find a way without you.


This poem was written by Davianna Velasco Valdivieso and you can see more of her work at KillThemWithWords.com

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