Work in progress...
I always like to change up the medium that I'm working in because I teach painting, drawing and photography and I find that when I haven't worked in a particular medium for awhile, I get rusty. I also like changing up the medium and subject matter because it keeps interested. Sometimes I like going on adventures and seeing different parts of the world and photography is a good motivator for this. Other times, I like to sit in my studio or living room and listen to music while I draw and paint as a means of relaxing from a long day. The combination of these things helps give me balance in my life.

This drawing is based on a photograph (that I didn't take) of Elizabeth Wheeland. Her unique look combined with the soft lighting was inspiring to me and I felt that this image would make a really dynamic drawing. I also felt that the shadows would give the drawing a strong sense of depth and her eyes would help draw the viewer in.