Every year, the Commerce City police department and I take around 10 of my art students to paint the city's snow plows. Once the plows are painted, they are then driven down the ACHS homecoming parade.

The students had to win a drawing contest in order to be eligible to go on the field trip and several days before homecoming we take them to the public works to paint the plows. The police department provides all of the transportation for us and rather than taking a school bus on the field trip, the students get to ride in the back of a police car!

Once we get the students to the public works, they only have about six hours to paint their snow plow. Some of the students worked in pairs and others painted their snow plow by themselves. This year, the plows came out awesome! For me, most of my personal artworks take me over a month, so to make something this size in a six hour frame is really difficult, but the student handled it with ease.

I want to give a huge shout out to Stephanie Levine and Officer Castillo for communicating with the city and the police force! We couldn't have done this without you!!!