This is the last shot from our crazy powder shoot over the summer. Powder was everywhere! To get this shot, Alex and Sebastian stood on opposite ends just outside of the camera range and threw powder at Maddie’s back, as she tossed her hair. Maddie also had to throw powder down with her hands and when everybody threw power at the same time, we were able to form the star shape. We had to do this shot over and over again just to get it right. It was a ton of work but we got some awesome shots. Thanks everyone for helping!

"Energy Burst"
Photographer: Mike Rogers
Photography Assistants: Alex Stanley ( ClassTen Photo) & Sebastian Hernandez (Lucid Frame Media)
Model: Maddie Squadere


It’s always exciting when an original painting sells! This week, “Natasha” found a new home


Check it out! I made it into Basement Magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY. I didn't make the cover but I got a six page spread. I'm stoked!


This drawing may not be anatomically correct.


My swimming pool mural! This was painted in the deep end at Adams City High School. Time lapse coming soon!


My friend Hayley Anne and I took these newborn shots for my buddy Nathan Chamberlain and his wife Laurie Wing over the summer. I think they came out great!!!! Cute kiddo, Nate! Also, thanks for all the help Hayley!


Had the privilege of working with Elyse DeVos who is auditioning to be a Broncos cheerleader (which was the reason for the shoot). I’ll be posting more photos as I edit them. Go Broncos!!!


First Friday is busy tonight! I'm here at the Denver Art Society at 734 Santa Fe Drive, Denver. Come on down and see me!


Latest drawing! Charcoal and graphite


Official photo of my Christian Serratos (from the Walking Dead) painting!


Finished and sold today! I painted this bonsai tree by mixing sand and marble dust into the green leafy areas to give it texture. I then attached the rocks to the bottom in order to add to the thee dimensional relief quality this painting had. Having the painting professionally framed was the final touch. What do you think?


Starting my next painting :)


My latest drawing. I layered black and white charcoal with fixative between each layer and for my final layer, I added colored pencil. :)


Work in progress :)


Had the privilege of photographing firefighters while they trained yesterday. I'll post more pictures soon! Also huge congratulations to my cuz Ryan Strachan for officially becoming a firefighter!


Check out this photo I took at the sand dunes a few weeks ago! I can't wait to go again! In order to get this shot, I had to climb up the sand dunes on each side of the photo and put up my lights. I then walked down to the valley between the dunes where my camera was set up and take the photo. Once I saw my shot, I had to climb up where were my lights were and readjust them. I had to do this over an over again until the lighting was the best that I could make it. Lots of time and effort but at least I got a good workout!


Throwback Thursday. This was taken at an art show I did awhile back at the Funky Buddha Lounge


I took this photo a few weeks ago. The sunset was beautiful at the Sand Dunes


Here is the completed version of my Father's Day gift for my dad! Gregg Castle made the bench and I painted the snowboards.