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These paintings can be based off of one of our photo-shoots or off of a photo you have taken yourself. All artworks will be rendered as a gray scale black and white image and if you would like the paintings created in color, please email the artist for custom pricing options.


As far as style and anything else you would like to see in your painting, we’ll work with you! Please don’t hesitate to ask or give us your input!


All artworks are painted on museum quality canvases and can be framed for an additional cost. Artworks that require shipping are professionally wrapped and shipped by a supplier who specializes in shipping large-scale artworks. Shipping and handling are included.


·      $1,200-  30x40” portrait painting of one person

·      $700   -  18x20” portrait painting of one person

·      $520-  16x20” portrait painting of one person

·      $350-  12x18” portrait painting of one person 


I’m always willing to work with clients when it comes to investing in a painting and I’m willing to do payment plans. For instance, you are welcome to break a payment up into three installments at the beginning, middle and end of the commissioned artwork. Also, if you would like a painting of multiple people, please feel free to ask me for more info at