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The Awakening



oil on canvas

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Clip! CLIP! Clip!
Yank it! Tease it. PULL IT!
ERR, stop... relax.
I'm myself.

                           Poem by Max Wisdom


I finally finished my most recent painting of Natalie Michelle. This painting took more time than I initially anticipated but refining the details of each work is something that I’ve learned to love. I found myself stepping away from the initial photograph and letting the painting evolve into something more. When I put the reference away, I no longer feel constrained to make the painting look exactly the way the camera sees the model, but rather, I’m accepting that the painting is the artwork in itself and can be so much more than just a mere copy.  

I’ve always enjoyed painting people with dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings because I feel that they have already turned themselves into a work of art, however, a lot of times, society views people with alternative lifestyles as being uncanny, abnormal, and unapproachable. I find these people to be the most interesting. These are my people. But I don’t paint models simply just because they have a particular fashion sense. The people I paint tend to evoke some sort of feeling that I can relate to. Many times, these emotions are ones that I am unable or unwilling to show because society tends to judge people who are less than perfectly composed and nice all of the time. While this particular painting may not be the best representation of this, it is a piece to a much bigger puzzle. 



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