That Girl with the Pink Hair



oil on canvas

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Inhale and try to let it go
Judgements passed and not soon forgotten 
It still doesn't lessen the tug on my shirt
Their eyes following me everywhere

                                            Poem by Max Wisdom



That Girl with the Pink Hair is a painting of Natalie Michelle based off a photograph I took during a recent photo shoot. I believe that the appeal of this piece comes from the fact that it doesn’t seem like the model is posing for a picture. Instead, it feels like a captured moment in time and this is very similar to one of my other more successful paintings, The Girl with the Green Hair. I also feel that the simplistic background with her stark white shirt blending into it helps give this painting a very contemporary look and draws the viewers attention to Natalie’s hair and face. I then painted the hair near the top of the painting realistically but towards the bottom the hair becomes more abstract and then eventually becomes drip marks to help reinforce the fact that this is a painting and not merely a photograph printed onto canvas. 

If you are interested in purchasing this painting please email  MikeRogers@LifeOfMike.com

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