Silent Scream



oil on canvas


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Drops trickle down blood stained leaves
While the trees grow and die in seconds 
I've forgotten how to even speak
For words can't heal the pain anymore

                                                   Poem by Max Wisdom



"When I look at this, Max is screaming at me, but all I hear is silence"

Silent Scream is a portrait of Max Wisdom based off a photograph taken by Natalie Michelle. When I saw the photograph for the first time I was captivated by the emotion of Max’s face. I knew before painting it, that this image was going to give off a strong energy. To create the branches behind Max I used a combination of marble dust and sand in order to turn the branches into a relief and give the painting more texture.  Max’s hair and clothing were painted black with minimal detail to assure that the photorealistic mouth would be the focal point of the piece. The edges of the painting were painted darker creating a vignette and tree branches were placed jetting in from all sides in order to help make the viewer feel disoriented while looking at the painting. This painting sold to Don Wisdom (Max's father) soon after it was finished.

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