Natasha 2015.jpg
Natasha 2015.jpg




Not for Sale


oil on canvas

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She sleeps between the sheets
Holding herself like he used to
One side of the bed too cold
The sound of his voice ever fading

                                              Poem by Max Wisdom



Natasha was one of the first portraits I ever painted and I found this image off of a Google search. This was before I had really invested myself in becoming a professional artist and as a hobbyist I had no problem using other peoples images for my work. For this reason, this painting is not for sale because I believe that it wouldn’t be fair of me to sell it without having the original photographers permission. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the original photographer is. I chose to paint this image because I really liked the troubled expression on the models face and the rich blue color of her hair.  I then added her left eye because in the original image it was blocked out by a shadow but this didn’t look right when I painted it. I painted her hair and skin with more vivid colors to give the image a more saturated look, and then named the painting Natasha because of the elegance that I feel the name possess.  

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