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Generic Idol #1542




oil on canvas

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This painting is from an earlier body of work. The following is the thesis statement from that show:


Half of the proceeds from this painting went to the World Food Program


The commercialized media regularly projects artificial images of people making me numb to all messages of suffering. These pictures of wealthy muscular men and beautiful women are oftentimes airbrushed and represent a false impression. Artists like Andy Warhol and many pop artists from the 1960’s and 70’s also uncovered the commercial industry for what it is by exaggerating objectified icons of famous people.  Inspired by these artists, I have created oil paintings of each of these worn images and juxtaposed them to reflect my immunity. The flower pattern background of my paintings purposely mimics wallpapers artificial surface treatment which reflects the false adornment of the media. The commercial industry depicts only the side of an issue that benefits them, covering up any unsightliness underneath the surface much same way the generic flower pattern attempts to make unpleasant portraits more appealing.


My art, depicting the tragedies of the world, along side the generic images of beautiful people, exposes the manipulation of the media which makes me feel safe and protected when in reality, I am not

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