Panama City, Panama

Check out this progress shot of a painting I'm making for my buddy. What do you think?

Photo Shoot in Mexico - Behind the Scenes

Great photo shoot today in Quintana Roo Mexico with some very beautiful models. Thanks ladies!

 — with Analia Gonzalez and 3 others in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.


Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine shared one of my paintings on Instagram a few days ago! Pretty exciting. Over 3,000 likes!

Painting Rashelle

My latest work in progress. This is of my friend Rashelle and it’s been in the works for about a year (At least that’s when we did the photo shoot). Rashelleprobably thought I wasn’t going to ever get this done because it’s taken so long! lol She also happens to be a pretty legit artist herself and that always adds to the intimidation factor! 

I still need to work on the shadows and and giver her earrings though.

Photo Shoot in Mexico

Photographer: Mike Rogers (Life Of Mike)
Models: Andre Bosaz + Analia Gonzalez 
Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico 

More photos to come when time allows! 

RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase and Fashion Show

On Friday I had the honor of getting to be a guest photographer during the RAW Natural Artist Showcase. It was an amazing night and I had the privilege of getting to shoot many gorgeous models and a number of astonishing works of art. Thank you Steffi Walker for providing Alex Stanley, Sebastian Hernandez and I with this opportunity!

Please click the slideshow below to see the photographs

Painting in Layers

web house new.jpg

One thing that makes my original paintings unique from the prints is that often times I paint in layers meaning that I will paint one translucent layer of paint, let it completely dry, and then paint another translucent layer on top of it. I will continue the process again and again until I’m satisfied. The result is that as the light changes throughout the day, the paintings will look different and the mood of them will change.


In order to accomplish this goal, I have to wait for each layer of paint to completely dry, but for oil paints this can sometimes take several weeks. For this reason, I paint three or four paintings at the same time and each one can take between two to six months to complete. Even though this process takes longer than just painting them normally, I feel that it’s worth it because this style is one of the qualities that set my paintings apart.