Ever since I can remember I have created art in some way. When I was younger my parents would buy me sketchbooks and I would bring them wherever I went, drawing in them for hours on end. As I grew older I became fascinated with graffiti and comic style art and I would try to copy other artists images as closely as I could. This helped me notice the subtle details that the artists put into their works and through trial and error I began building the techniques necessary to one day become a professional artist. Eventually, I moved away from copying comic books to drawing the women I would see in magazines and from there I began painting these women, trying to master blending, shading and proportion. With my most recent artworks, my goal has been to combine the influences from graffiti and comic book style art with the photorealism I have worked so hard to develop.


The portrait can say so much and I love trying to create a story with a single image. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, so when I’m photographing models it is vital that the model is able to express emotion with only their eyes. After that, the focus is shifted to what the rest of the face is saying to complete the story. My next step is to manipulate the image using Photoshop to boost the vibrancy of the colors and alter the rest of the photo to give it a more graffiti style. It’s only after I am satisfied with the image on the computer that I will begin to paint it. This method allows me to take huge risks without having to worry about repercussions because I can always undo any mistakes I’ve made. Painting people, however, isn’t the only subject that inspires me and I use this same process when painting from any photograph I have taken.


I ask myself why I have dedicated my life to being an artist and the truth is I make art because it’s part of who I am and even if I tried to stop, I’m addicted to it.  Just like water and air, art is a necessity for me and finishing a painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and pride in what I do. I feel that art is what makes me unique and without it I would be lost.